Organic Lawn Care Program for​ Virginia Beach, VA

Let us introduce you to our Synergy™ Plus Organic/All Natural Lawn Care Program. We strive to work with Mother Nature and your environment, not in opposition to them, so that we are able to provide a healthier, safer, better looking lawn that's safe for you and your family, without the adverse effect on the environment.



Your lawn needs to be fed regularly to stay green & healthy. Several Applications of fertilizer are applied annually to provide the right combination of nitrogen, phosphate, potash, & iron. As your lawn's needs change, so do our applications so we can always provide just the right blend to keep your lawn looking its best.

Since organic fertilizers are less nutrient dense, and slower release on average, we fertilize a bit more often.

Thicker Lawn=

Less Weeds

With more than 100 weeds native to Hampton Roads, with seeds carried by the wind, birds, squirrels and other wildlife, weed control is a constant nuisance. But since there aren't any selective weed controls on the market that actually work, and are all natural, we have to fight them in other ways.

One way we do that is to be sure the lawn is as thick as possible. So we seed twice as often to ensure maximum density. Withe Aeration in the spring, With Slit seeding in the fall

Microbial Nutrient Optimization

The healthier we, as people, are, the more able we are to fight off infection, injury or disease. Your lawn is no different. Fungal disease, mechanical damage and more can kill or adversely affect your lawn. And since disease control and fungicides are synthetic chemicals, we minimize these issues by ensuring your lawn is at its healthiest. Bio-char, carbon, natural limestone and more are used to balance p.h., salinity and cation exchange. This improved nutrient availability for the organic fertilizers to better nourish and strengthen the lawn, naturally


Of all the ways we care for your lawn, we never lose sight of the fact that your lawn, is your home. We want to help you create a beautiful space, but also a safe one for you and your family. We believe in working with mother nature, to provide the best results possible, while maintaining your homes safety. Organic/All Natural Programs are one way we do that. Not sure if an organic program is right for you?  Give us a call, we are happy to answer questions and compare our programs for you.

The Guaranteed Greener Grass Synergy Plus Organic/All Natural Lawn Care Service difference.

So, we are often asked, What should I expect from an Organic/All Natural Program?

Custom Designed Programs


One Size Does NOT Fit All

Every lawn is different, so we treat each lawn differently. We design a lawn service treatment plan based on what your lawn needs, not simply apply the same thing to every lawn. That's why we always inspect your lawn prior to providing an estimate, unlike the big, national companies. Our techs constantly re-evaluate the lawn's needs and adjust your program in real time to provide the best results possible, while treating only what is needed, thereby reducing the amount of chemicals put into your environment.

Beautiful Lawn AND Safe Home


Why Choose Only One?

Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of how they are affecting their local environment and are looking for ways to reduce that impact. Here at Guaranteed Greener Grass, we believe that we are stewards of our environment, and have a duty to preserve it in every way we can. We are happy to discuss with you the ways we accomplish this, with every application we provide.  Safety for you and your family is our primary goal, even above providing you with a beautiful lawn. Give us a call today or click here for more information. Get results and peace of mind from your lawn care program and your lawn care company.

What about WEEDS?

Dandelion Leaves

Will The Program Get Rid Of Them?

One of the most common questions about an all natural program is "Will i have weeds?"

My answer is always a firm, confident and matter-of-fact "Yes!"

I then normally hear a pause, as if that wasn't the response the client was expecting or hoping for when deciding whether to pay for me to care for their lawn. But we always give an honest, transparent prognosis of what to expect with our service. And the truth is, that there aren't effective selective weed controls (ones that kill the weeds without harming the grass) that are organic. And that means, you WILL have weeds. But with increased seedings, and exceptional detail paid to keeping the grass as healthy as possible, you'll have a lot less than you would without our programs, without all the synthetic chemicals you'd rather not have around your family and your lawn.

Better Technicians= Better Results

Adult Students

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Our lawn care techs are the absolute best in the industry. Good techs are made in the field, great techs are made in the classroom. Our techs go through extensive training, are fully licensed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture, acquire constant continuing education, and continually learn about new research, developments and safer practices to provide the best results, lowest prices, and the utmost in safety for you and your family.

Unlike our competitors, our techs have a pay bonus structure that's entirely dependent on the results of their individual customers lawns and those customers' satisfaction. Each tech has their own geographic service area, and you will have the same tech with each visit. So they can monitor how your lawn is progressing, and are financially motivated to do whatever it takes to provide the best results possible, not simply to accomplish the most work possible on any given day.

Locally Owned & Operated for almost 30 years!


Where each client is valued, instead of just another among thousands

As a locally owned, father and son business, that started in, and has been serving, Hampton Roads for over 26 years, we understand the value of our community. This is our home too, both dad and I grew up here. Many things have changed in our cities since we began, but our commitment to our neighbors, and local community hasn't. We are proud to serve those military and first responder families that serve to keep us safe, those "silver citizens" who helped build our community long before we were here, and those new members of our neighborhoods that now call Hampton Roads their home alongside us. As a local, family owned company we value our clients, unlike those national chains where you are just another number on a page among thousands of others.

Why The Term Organic/All Natural?

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Honesty and Transparency Are as Important as Results

Good question!   The term organic is most often used with food, or animal/plant derived products. But in lawn care, not everything falls under these categories. Limestone for instance isn't food, nor is it animal derived. Its a mineral, and its completely All Natural and not synthetic. Most grass seeds have been altered over the years to be more drought tolerant or disease resistant. So while our Organic/All Natural programs use absolutely NO synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals, we use that term to give the absolute highest level of clarity and honesty we can.