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First Steps

It All Begins here...

Core Aeration & Slitseeding Services in Hampton Roads

A Great Lawn

                                                                                    takes hard work to maintain and to keep lush, green and beautiful. But it all starts with great seed. The quality of seed used, the amount of seed used, and how the seed is sewn are the birth and infancy of a great lawn for years to come. First steps are often the most important. Every lawn is different, and a "one size fits all approach" is destined to fail without taking into account your lawns individual environment. Let our specially trained staff help you determine which options are best for your lawn, and lets put your best foot forward...the first time. There is no more important component of your Fescue lawn maintenance and fertilization plan than seeding. 

Our lawn seeding services in Chesapeake, VA

It's All About the SEED!

A Quality lawn begins with quality seed.

We use only 100% turf type tall fescue seed that has a 0.00% weed content and over a 90% germination rate when properly watered. In addition we use twice the recommended application rate of seed, applying approximately seven pounds of seed for every 1000 square feet of your lawn. There is no better or cleaner seed on the market, anywhere.


Core Aeration & Overseed

Core Aeration is by far the best way to alleviate heavy compaction in our hard, clay soil. Hollow spikes are machine driven into the lawn, pulling plugs that vary in size from 1 to 4 inches in size. The holes left slowly collapse and allow for improved air, water & nutrient exchange into the soil. New seedling roots penetrate much more easily, resulting in a thicker, healthier lawn.


Slitseed & Powerseed

Slitseeding works by applying the seed directly onto the lawn. Then the slitseeder is moved across the lawn, and the spinning knives underneath push the seed into shallow grooves in the soil as it creates them. The results are the best possible amount of germination of all seeding. Bumpy and uneven yards may not benefit as much from slitseeding and it does not reduce soil compaction as core aeration does

And let us help you figure out what the best choice is for your lawn today!

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