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Mother Nature

Well Cared For....

What Benefits Come from Shrub Care?

A healthy landscape not only improves your curb appeal and enjoyment of your outdoor living space, but provides a safe habitat for local birds, butterflies, pollinators and other beautiful and important members of our ecosystem

Proper nourishment and preventative care of your shrubbery and landscaping plants reduces diseases and insect infestations, resulting in less chemicals and pesticides needed to cure these problems later.

Preventative care ensures your landscape always looks vibrant and healthy. By the time many disease or insect infestations begin to make your plants look bad, its often too late to save them, or it becomes very costly to do so, while you spend months or years looking at half-alive plants

Different plants have different needs. Each may need different micronutrients, different soil p.h., and are resistant or prone to different insects/diseases. Let us take the guesswork out of care, and reduce incorrect or unneeded chemicals used and money spent

While most homeowners understand the importance of treating and caring for their lawns, many overlook the needs of their shrubs and landscape plants. As a company that has installed landscapes for decades, we have a unique understanding on the differences that proper shrub care actually produces. Our soil in Hampton Roads is very poor quality, clay heavy and generally doesn't drain well. It requires frequent supplementation of micro-nutrients to sustain proper nourishment of our plants. Limited selection of plants that thrive well in this soil and our area, combined with rapid housing expansion has caused significant over planting and over-saturation of certain "hardy" species of landscaping plants in the area. This has led to a dramatic increase in disease and insect infestations on these plants as the availability of hosts is far exceeded the population of pests. We continually educate ourselves and our techs on these existing and emerging problems to provide the best preventative, and curative, care possible.

Why is Shrub maintenance important?

Our Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care programs focus on both preventative as well as curative maintenance. We perform regular fertilization's, disease controls, insect control and more to help keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.


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