"Quality, Not Quantity"

        It's a simple premise that our competitors

just don't seem to get.... the fact that quality

pays more than quantity.

Our competitors take a "one size fits all" approach. Its simpler that way, cheaper even. We don't

believe in simpler here, we don't believe in the status quo. Instead of simple, bring us better.  Instead of the cheaper, bring us the more worthwhile . Instead of moving faster, lets move

in a totally different direction instead, regardless

of how it may slow our pace or muddy our boots.

Lets bring back quality, dependability 

and customer service


I tried many lawn companies in the past 30 years Greener grass is the best by far. Easy to contact,very professional. Provided expert advice and solutions to problems with my lawn, I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking lawn care service


-James M.   (Virginia Beach)

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