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Turf Management Services in Chesapeake, VA 

Virginia Beach, VA ~ Norfolk, VA ~  & Portsmouth, VA

We here are very proud to introduce you to our Synergy™ Turf Care Program. As the definition implies, the entire program is based on the ideal that by working together with Mother Nature and our environment, instead of against them, we can provide a better looking, healthier lawn that is safe for you and your family without the adverse effect on our environment.

Custom Designed Programs

We custom design your treatment plans to your lawn's individual needs, instead of simply applying the exact same thing to every one of our customers yards. Your lawn may need disease control to help eliminate brown patch disease, whereas your neighbors lawn may need nutsedge control to eliminate that pesky weed. Why should both of your lawns get the same application? With all different grass types that we have in Hampton Roads, such as St Augustine, Zoysia, Fescue, & Bermuda, having a company that can customize a program for YOUR lawn is paramount to excellent results.

Better Techs= Better Results

Our turf care technicians are the best in the industry. Every one goes through extensive training, is fully licensed by the Virginia Department Of Agriculture, and recieve continuing education via Virginia Tech resources, VDACS classes, and in-depth PestEd courses. This continued training never ends because new research and developments in the field provide better solutions, with less chemicals, and more efficient practices to help provide you the best lawn possible at lower costs, with the utmost safety for your family, and our environment.

Unlike other companies, our technicians have a pay bonus structure that is entirely dependent on the results of their individual customer’s lawns (Each technician has an assigned geographic area, so you will have the same tech on each visit) as well as the customer satisfaction with their service. There is no bonus whatsoever that is dependent on how much work they get done on any given day, unlike most of our competitors who incentivize their employees based on production, or even worse, pay them a flat percentage of the dollar value of the lawns completed. So our techs are financially motivated to do a good job and take their time, instead of being motivated to hurry up and get more done. And of course, there is never a contract of any kind ever required on our service, you are never locked into anything. You can cancel at any time for any reason.

Whats Included?

We service both Fescue and Bermuda lawns with our Synergy Plus Lawn Care Program. That program consists of 7 yearly applications and includes everything your lawn needs to look its best.  We also have a Synergy Plus Lawn Beautification program for our friends with Saint Augustine Grass, as well as Zoysia Grass.


Treatments are included for broadleaf weeds such as clover, dandelion, chickweed and henbit. Sedges like nutsedge and green kyllinga. Pre-emergent for crabgrass, as well as post-emergent for it throughout the year. Disease controls and limestone applications as needed are also included. Winterization and regular fertilization are all part of the effort and care of your lawn.   Details about some of the included components are listed below. Take a moment to read what makes our program so much different....and so much better!

Lawn Fertilization

A healthy green lawn must be fed regularly. We apply several rounds of fertilizer each year, providing the right combinations of nitrogen, phosphate, potash, iron and more. These applications are evaluated and tweaked regularly as your lawns needs change.


Excess fertilizer causes massive problems in our waterways. We use only what's needed, always slow release, and always blow off and clean the driveway, sidewalk, street, etc. to be sure none ends up in the storm drain.


Weed Control

We have more than 100 native weeds in Hampton roads and more finding  their home here each year. Birds, squirrels, wind and people all bring weed seeds into your lawn. Some of these  seeds can lay dormant for more than 12 years until environmental conditions are right for germination. We apply weed controls throughout the year, both pre-emergents as well as curative ones to keep your lawn looking great.


Most companies spray your entire lawn with one product to save time and labor costs. We walk your entire lawn,but spray only the weeds, and use different sprays to better target different weeds, seriously reducing the amount of chemicals in your lawn.


Brown patch, Dollar Spot and Pythium are a few of the diseases that wreak havoc on our lawns. Grubs and armyworms also cause damage, eradicating entire areas of lawn in little to no time. Our programs include treatments to arrest these problems, keeping your lawn looking its best.


Cultural practices minimize disease and insect application needs. Not adding nitrogen in the wrong amounts or time of year helps prevent disease, as well as communication with you about mowing and watering practices to reduce problems, before they start!


Beautiful Lawn & Safe Home

We live in a society where environmental impact is becoming increasingly more evident and important than ever, homeowners are becoming more aware of how they are affecting our environment and how they can reduce the strain they cause on it. With so many differing and conflicting opinions on being ecologically responsible, we want to help our customers understand how they, and we, can be a positive influence on our environment and still have a beautiful lawn and landscape. At Guaranteed Greener Grass and Second Nature Landscaping, it is our job to help our environment, not simply to abuse it. We believe that we can be stewards of our environment, instead of simply owners. Hover your mouse over each picture that's alongside a service description above (or tap it if you're on a mobile device) and you'll see how we make that treatment effective, and Eco-conscious. For a full list of how we strive to keep our environment safe, click here.

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