-Are you looking for a change?

-Are you a hard worker, but want to be valued and respected as such?

-Do you want a job where you have access to benefits and room for advancement?

-Is your attention to detail and work ethic better than those you are used to

working with?

-Do you take pride in your work?

-Do you want the stability of a company that's been here for 25 years, not one that

may not exist soon?

(Experience in Lawn Applications preferred)

(Must have experience using COMMERCIAL mowers in a RESIDENTIAL setting)

We are a company with VERY HIGH STANDARDS.

We require our employees to be:

-Professional, both in their work and their demeanor. (just because we cut grass and dig in the dirt doesn't mean we aren't professionals in what we do. It is our approach to our work that defines that professionalism, not the duties of our job)

-Be on time, every day

-Take pride in their work, pay attention to detail

-Work safely

-Be qualified for the position they are applying for

-Treat every project and job with the utmost importance-every project should be completed to its best possible outcome, not just "good enough"

-Not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol

-Striving to become better at their job every day

-Be respectful of our equipment, vehicles, and tools

-Be honest

-Flexible schedules are a must-Saturday work is sometimes required when weather doesn't allow completion of the work during the week. No Sundays are ever required(sometimes offered as volunteer based only)


As an employee, this is what you can expect of us:


-To be treated fairly, and with respect at all times-in public and private

-To be paid every week, without fail or hassle

-Our honesty, including getting what you are promised, including hourly pay rate, raises, etc

-To be given the opportunity to learn new skills within the company

-The opportunity for advancement for positions you are qualified for before hiring of outside personnel

-Your merit, loyalty and hard work to be rewarded

-To be treated completely equally regardless of age, gender or ethnicity

-Opportunity to move up into other positions in our company for employees who prove they are an asset, including positions with year round employment, better pay, bonus programs and more

-To be paid time and a half for any overtime hours worked

-To provide you with equipment to work safely and efficiently


As an employee, this is what



-To be tolerant of tardiness, disrespect, bad attitude, or rude treatment of customers, or other team members

-To tolerate any sexist, racist or other prejudicial comments directed at anyone, at any time, from the time you arrive in the morning to the time you leave for the day, whether you are on the clock or not/ on break etc

-To pick you up/ drop you off from work or tolerate lack of transportation to and from the office each day

-To train you in anything you claimed to have experience in when applying

-To be paid cash or "under the table"




Do you think you'd be a good fit?

Apply Below!